The Historic Champ/Indy Car Association promotes preservation, restoration and education of Historic Champ and Indy cars. It salutes their significant contributions to American racing by registering, promoting and organizing displays and at-track events and historic races. Hundreds of cars are currently on the register and more are being added at a rapid pace.

2016 Monday, June 20: Millers at Milwaukee June 24-25 Features Exhibition Laps by Miller and Offenhauser Front-Engined Indy and Champ Trail Historic Cars Plus Bench Racing

There is continuous activity both on track and in the paddock as over 50 of these legendary cars and their drivers celebrate the front-engined cars of the 1920s through the early 60s. Entrants have a welcome dinner on the evening of the 23rd and a banquet Friday, June 24 in the evening.

The last front-engined Offy-powered Indy Roadster won the Indy 500 with AJ Foyt driving. The lineage dates back to the Miller racing engines and cars build by Harry A. Miller in the 1920s. This is the largest gathering of historic Champ and Indy cars since over 100 were at the 2016 Indy 500 Festival and race.

Spectators are invited. Info:

2016 Tuesday, May 24: Vintage Oval Events Take the Spotlight This Week and Weekend at Indianapolis in Iowa, Florida and Pennsylvania

Vintage and Historic Champ/Indy cars are part of the celebration week leading to “The 500.” These are organized by The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. Info:

Mississippi Valley Vintage Race Car Association on May 27 is at Donnellson, IA , Burlington, IA on 28th and 29th. Info:

Daytona Antique Auto Racers are holding vintage oval races on the 28th at Bronson Speedway, FL. Info:

Penn-Mar Vintage oval races are at Bedford Speedway, PA on May 29. Info:

2015 Thursday, December 17: The HCICA Sponsored and Organized Races were in Coopoeration with SVRA for the 2015 Season

This included: Vintage Indy Weekend, the Pocono Indy Car Weekend, the Vintage SVRA Weekend at AutoClub Speedway, and the Indy Car Weekend at AutoClub Speedway. The vintage and historic Indy Car scene has changed significantly since its high level of activity during the times that CART regularly invited HCICA historic cars to accompany events at California Speedway, Phoenix Speedway, Michigan Speedway and other major ovals. CART even had a designated historian on staff as part of their marketing team.

With the advent of the big 100th race week for the 2016 Indy 500, there should be renewed activity for historic Indy Cars. The SVRA Brickyard Invitational on June 15-19 will include increased oval track time for vintage Indy entrants. There will be more news developing soon.

2015 Tuesday June 23: Historic Indy Cars and Championship Trail Cars On Track as Support Races for IndyCar's MAVTV500, June 26-27, Auto Club Speedway

The historic cars will run exhibition laps during the day on Friday, and on Saturday morning. The historic oval program is organized by SVRA as part of its 5-event historic oval program. The next event in the series will be Aug. 20-23 at Pocono. For oval entry information, contact Pam Shatraw, (65) 799-0826,

2013 Tuesday September 10: Promotion Of Vintage Oval Racing

An interesting program for IndyCar race ticket sales has been developed by Auto Club Speedway in connection with promoting a Historic Champ/Indy Car on-track showcase.

A special paddock pass and admission ticket is $35 for the final IndyCar World Championship at Fontana, October 18-19. The HCICA Historic Champ/Indy Cars will be on-track twice Friday and on Saturday for the big Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase Feature before the big evening IndyCar season finale race. To purchase tickets online and save $20 go to

The special ticket will encourage spectators to visit the Historic Champ/Indy Cars and their drivers in the paddock. Putting spectators and historic cars and drivers together is a great promotion for vintage oval racing. Promotional cooperation between the staff of Auto Club Speedway and the organizers of the Historic Champ/IndyCar Showcase on-track exhibition is a model to expand.

There are many more developing large vintage oval racing events across North America. Spectator attendance and national media attention is important to keep the sport vital.

There are also many local small oval racing events on tracks with contemporary races that can benefit from similar ticket arrangements. We will get more vintage car owners and drivers the more that spectators see these legendary cars on-track, at reasonable speeds, making those great engine noises, and visiting the drivers in the paddock to learn how to get involved.

2013 Thursday August 22: The First Indy NOVI And The Last Jimmy Clark Indy Lotus Will Join The 30 Victory Lane Historic Champ/IndyCar Showcase Cars With The IndyCar World Championship Event, October 18-19, On The Two-Mile Oval At Southern California’s Auto Club Speedway. Special $35 Spectator Admission And Paddock Tickets Are Available Through Historic Champ/Indy Car Association. Call 650-321-1411

The spectacular gathering of Historic Champ/Indy Association (HCICA) Cars will be on-track each day of this Friday and Saturday final 2013 IndyCar racing event.

The Historic Champ/IndyCar Association drivers and cars have excited open wheel racing fans on this big two-mile oval every year since first appearing at the speedway opening in 1997.

The scream of the centrifugally supercharged V8 NOVI, the roar of the big four cylinder Offy’s both normally aspirated and turbo charged, the thunder of Indy Cosworth V8s, the unique sounds of the Pre-War cars are all special. These engines are in cars that range in age from the 1920s to the mid 1980s.

This event salutes the great history of Southern California Oval Track Racing. It was the home of Miller racing engines and cars, Offenhauser Engines, Indy Roadsters from Kurtis, Watson, Epperly and others, Vel’s Parnelli Jones cars and teams, Gurney’s Eagles, Cosworth USA and many Indy racing teams in the 1920s.

HCICA sanction events are organized by Victory Lane Motorsport Marketing Info: HCICA Champ/Indy entrants or spectator special weekend $35 admission and paddock tickets. Call VLMM, Pam Shatraw 650-321-1411 (CA).

2013 Wednesday August 14: Historic Champ/Indy Car Owners Call Now To Reserve Limited Entry And Garage Space. The Excitement Is Growing For The Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase During the October 18-19 MAVTV IndyCar World Championship Weekend At Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, California

Don’t wait for the formal entry to reach you in the upcoming Historic Champ/Indy Car Association Newsletter or the September Issue of Vintage Oval Racing Magazine. Limited garage space in the IndyCar paddock has been arranged and it will be assigned in order of intent to enter received by phone, fax or mailed. Regular and early press releases are planned to promote this event and early entries are needed.

Acceptable cars include any historic Indy 500 Car of any age, any CART, IRL or just obsolete IndyCar, Championship Trail Big Cars and non caged Sprint Cars through 1971.

Call Now! Pam Shatraw, HCICA Events Manager 650-321-1411 (CA).

2013 Thursday August 1: SVRA Race “The Rock” Vintage Road Racing And VLMM Vintage Oval Racing At Famous Rockingham Speedway, North Carolina, August 8-11.

This one-mile oval was the site of many great races. It now also has a combined oval and infield road circuit. This will be the first vintage visit to this track, which opened in 1974.

All Oval, Late Stocks, Modified, Champ/Indy and Sprint entries contact Pam Shatraw, HCICA and VLMM Events Manager 650-321-1411 (CA).

All SVRA late entries contact Kathy Swinford phone 817-521-5158

2013 Thursday July 25: The Extensive History Of Southern California Oval Racing Will Be Saluted During IndyCar MAVTV 500, Friday and Saturday Activities, October 18,19 By The Historic Champ/Indy Car Association With The Big Saturday On-Track Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase With Dozens Of Famous Historic Champ/Indy Cars

The Historic Champ/Indy Cars will be on-track twice on Friday for exhibition practice sessions. They will be on display for fans on Friday and Saturday. The Saturday Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Showcases will have cars on-track, at reasonable speeds to present the excitement of oval racing in the 1930s-1980s prior to the Saturday evening IndyCar race.

The range of cars with Southern California history will include: Miller Indy Cars, of the 1920s and 1930s cars of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s with Offenhauser engines, the Southern California built 1950s Indy Roadsters by A.J. Watson and Kurtis Kraft, The Gurney Indy Eagles and others. There will also be a salute to the many Southern California paved and dirt short ovals by some of the Historic Championship Trail Cars on-track. These pre 1971 cars gained National Championship points in Southern California in the 1950s and 1960s.

Southern California has a great Champ/Indy Car history. The Miller engines originated there. They were later uprated into the famous Offenhauser engines that powered many Indy winners. Many famous drivers learned racing on the Southern California short ovals including Parnelli Jones. Teams from Dan Gurney’s All American Racers were a big force at Indy. The famous oval racers who gained fame in California Open Wheel racing included: Bill Vukovich, Joe Leonard, Johnny Parsons and Troy Rutman.

There will be a special MATV 500 ticket package available through the Historic Champ/Indy Car Association, Victory Lane Magazine and Vintage Oval Racing Magazine. For entry or special ticket info call Pam Shatraw, HCICA 650-321-1411 (CA).

2013 Tuesday July 16: The Wednesday July 17 Auto Enthusiast And Racer Lunch At Autovino Will Feature A Talk And Roundtable Discussion On The Popular Vintage Oval Racing Scene By Racer And Vintage Oval Racing Magazine Staff Member Dave Stewart

Dave will discuss the current vintage oval racing scene on small and large ovals including Indy. Dave has a long history in oval and road racing at both contemporary and vintage events, including Formula Car racing in Europe. He currently races a vintage East Coast Modified Stock Car on dirt and paved ovals in California.

The monthly lunch program is organized Victory Lane Magazine and the July program is presented by Vintage Oval Racing Magazine. The events are hosted by AutoVino at 205 Constitution Drive, Menlo Park, California, car and wine lifestyle facility located off Interstate 101 and Marsh Road. The lunch and program is $20 by advance registration. All enthusiasts invited. Call Pam Shatraw 650-321-1411 (CA).

2013 Thursday July 11: SVRA Vintage Road Racers, HCICA Vintage Champ/Indy Cars and Sprints, VSCAR Vintage Stock Cars And Modifieds Will Celebrate The Great History Of Road Racing And Oval Racing In The Southeast, August 8-11, at Rockingham Speedway. Entries Due Now!

The facility has a one mile paved oval and a 1.6-mile road racing circuit. It is located about 70 miles east of the Charlotte N.C. Airport for those flying in. It has hosted many top level racing series on the 1.6 mile road racing circuit. SVRA will have a full schedule of vintage and historic road racing for all its classes in action each of the three days. The Oval Exhibition Racing Cars. will be in two groups and each group is on the one mile oval twice each of the three days. Group 1 is Stocks and Modifieds. Group 2 is Champ/Indy and Sprints.

The oval races are organized by Victory Lane Motorsport Marketing.

There will be a big celebration party Saturday evening hosted by SVRA. Oval entries can be obtained on-line by clicking here additional info call Pam Shatraw at 650-321-1411 (CA).

SVRA road racing entries are obtained at . Info email phone 817-521-5158 (TX).

2013 Monday July 8: Four Vintage Road And Oval Racing Events Across North America In The July 11-14 Period

The First Weekend of the two weekend Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is the VRG vintage road races at the Pittsburgh International Racing Complex, July 20-21, the vintage road racing is through the roads of Schenley Park in the city.

Millers at Milwaukee on-track exhibition sessions of Historic Indy Roadster and earlier front-engine cars are on the Milwaukee Mile, July 12-13.

SVRA-East vintage road racing weekend is on the lightening circuit at Thunderbolt Raceway, July 11-14, in New Jersey.

An HMSA road racing weekend is at Canada’s Circuit Mont Tremblant, July 11-14.

2013 Thursday June 13: Over 20 Historic Champ/Indy Cars Are Entered For The Sunday June 23, Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car On-Track Showcase Feature During The SVRA-West Vintage Racing Weekend At Auto Club Speedway

This Feature salutes the many great vintage oval racing teams, businesses, drivers and cars that were located in Southern California from the 1920s onward. These included Miller, Offenhauser, Watson, Dan Gurney and All American Racers, Parnelli Jones and his team.

On the big oval for practice Friday and Saturday will be examples of many of these Southern California racing legends plus those from across North America. The Sunday Feature will be exceptional, a feast for the eyes and ears. Historic Champ/Indy Car Info call Victory Lane Motorsport Marketing 650-321-1411

Also during this weekend is a full schedule of SVRA-West road racing on the Grand-Am road racing circuit. SVRA-West info call Ed Swart 310-750-6933 (CA).

2013 Tuesday June 4: The Historic Champ/Indy Car Association, (HCICA) Salutes Southern California Racing History With Great Historic Indy Cars On-Track, At-Speed Twice Each Day On The Auto Club Speedway Oval June 21, 22, 23, Spectators Invited, Car Entries Still Open

Miller Novis, Miller Fords, Watson Offy Roadsters, Lola Chevy, Eagle Offys, Kurtis Offy Roadsters, Kurtis Uprights, Studebaker Indy and many more historic Champ/Indy Cars will be on-track saluting the great history of Southern California’s contributions to racing. Southern California was the location for Harry Miller’s company that developed the Millers that dominated Indy in the 1920s From 1933 the famous Offy engines were built in Southern California. Dan Gurney’s Eagles that dominated Indy in the late 1960s and early 1970s were built in his Orange County facility.

Many of the Indy drivers gained their skills in the Midget racing in the 1950s at a dozen oval tracks in Southern California. Frank Kurtis built the first Indy Roadster in 1952 at his Southern California company. His Roadsters were the cars to have at Indy in the early to mid 1950s.

A.J. Watson improved the Indy Roadster idea and built multiple Indy winning Roadsters in the late 1950s and early 1960s in Southern California. The turbo Offy’s which were a winning ticket for the Indy 500 in the late 1960s and were developed in Southern California. Examples of all this history will be on-track at one of North America’s great racing facilities, Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, east of Los Angles. This HCICA Feature is organized by Victory Lane Motorsport Marketing.

Also, as part of the weekend, SVRA-West is organizing vintage road races all three days on the Auto Club Speedway, Grand-Am Road Racing Circuit. Historic Champ/Indy Car entries call Pam Shatraw, Events Manager 650-321-1411 (CA).

2013 Wednesday May 29: Historic Champ/Indy Cars Saluting Indy History And Parnelli Jones Were On Display And On-Track Several Times Leading Up To The Sunday Indy 500

Wednesday was display day but weather challenged the planned Thursday on-track activities. There were separate on-track sessions Friday for both front engine cars and mid-engine cars with no pace car. On Saturday there were limited paced laps led by Parnelli Jones in his #98 Indy winning Roadster followed by some 18 Roadsters.

The next on-track gathering for Historic Indy Cars will be June 21-23 on the big two-mile oval at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California sanctioned by the Historic Champ/Indy Car Association. This is during a long three day weekend of both oval and road racing. The road racing is organized by SVRA-West.

The Historic Champ/Indy Cars will be on-track twice each day Friday and Saturday in 20-minute sessions at reasonable speeds with no pace car. Sunday will be a morning practice and the Featured Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car showcase on-track for 25 minutes.

Spectator and road racing entries contact: Ed Swart, SVRA-West 310-750-6933 (CA) or

Historic Champ/Indy Car entries call Victory Lane Motorsport Marketing Pam Shatraw, Event Manager 650-321-1411 (CA). Entry Form available online at

2013 Monday May 13: The Official Indy 500 On-Track Activities Have Begun With Opening Practice Last Weekend. The Historic Indy Car Activities Begin Wednesday May 23.

The Indy website doesn’t have any info on the historic Indy Car gatherings and on-track sessions beginning Wednesday May 23. However, the Historic Indy Cars are on-track several times organized by the Speedway Museum on Thursday and Friday leading up to the Official Saturday May 25 Legends Day honoring 1963 winner Parnelli Jones.

On Saturday the historic cars will have laps from 9:30-10.15 at 10:25 Parnelli Jones, in his Roadster will lead 33 historic Roadsters in a few laps till 10:30. There is a Q&A session with Parnelli at the Pagoda Plaza stage at 11:15 followed by an autograph session.

2013 Wednesday May 8: Auto Enthusiasts, On-Track Participants, Vintage Racers, Concours Participants And Car Collectors Are Invited To The Monthly San Francisco Bay Area Auto Enthusiasts And Racers Lunch On May 15, For A Roundtable Discussion, “The Vintage Car Scene: Past, Present And Future.”

Members and representatives form Bay Area vintage racing clubs, marque clubs, restoration and race prep shops, concours and media will be present and discussing this interesting subject. All attendees are welcome to join in this roundtable discussion. It all happens at AutoVino, 205 Constitution Drive, Menlo Park, California. AutoVino is a auto lifestyle facility located near the intersection of Interstate 101 and Marsh Road.

These monthly lunches and gatherings happen the third Wednesday of each month. Bench racing starts at 11:30, lunch 12:00 noon. The program and discussion is from 12:30 to about 1:15. Tickets are $20 by advance RSVP. Call Pam Shatraw 650-321-1411 (CA).

2013 Friday April 12: The 2013 New Hampshire Vintage Racing Celebration Has Oval Car On-Track Exhibition July 30, 31, August 1 And VRG Vintage Road Racing August 2, 3, 4, At New Hampshire Motor Speedway

This vintage car oval on-track and vintage road racing event is celebrating its 23rd year. Spectators are invited.

The oval celebration invites all classes of vintage and historic oval racing cars. For oval entries call 603-783-4931 or visit

All VRG vintage road racing classes will be in action for a full long weekend of vintage road racing practices, qualifying and feature races. For VRG entries visit

2013 Wednesday March 27: Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase Is The Oval Feature During The June 21-23 SVRA-West Southern California Sports Car Festival At Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, California.

The Historic Champ/Indy Car Association expects over 30 vintage and historic cars out on-track for exhibition practice two times on each day, Friday and Saturday plus the big showcase on Sunday. The cars will range from Pre-World War II Cars, The 1940s Uprights, the Roadsters of the 1950s and early 1960s, the mid-engine late 1960s cars and right up through the historic cars of the 1970s and 1980s, the HCICA event is organized by Victory Lane Motorsports Marketing, VLMM.

Fans are invited to visit the cars in the infield garages and talk to the owner/drivers. It is always a treat to have the children’s photos sitting in a real car.

The entire weekend will also be full of vintage road racing on the Grand Am road racing circuit. Over 150 vintage road racing cars will be in action all three days with feature races on Sunday.

For info call Pam Shatraw, VLMM 650-321-1411 (CA).

2013 Thursday March 14: Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase On The Two-Mile Oval Is The Feature At The SVRA-West Southern California Sports Car Festival, June 21-23 At Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, California

The Historic Champ/Indy Car Association, HCICA, cars range from early in the 1900s through the 1980s. They will be on the oval twice each day Friday and Saturday for practice and once on Sunday for the Showcase Feature. Full weekend hospitality for driver and crews are provided. Entry forms are available in the March Issue of Vintage Oval Racing Magazine and will be mailed to all HCICA registered car owners.

SVRA-West is the host club whose road racing members will be racing on the Auto Club Speedway GrandAm road racing circuit during the weekend. The entire event is a salute to the great oval and road racing history in Southern California. Southern California early in the 1900s had point-to-point races, road races, board track races and later great races at Riverside. The area was home to the legendary Miller Cars. It was when the Indy Roadsters From Kurtis, Watson and others were developed to dominate the Indy 500 for a decade.

The road racing history included the development of the Scarabs, Old’ Yeller and the Chaparral 1 and many specials. Many examples of the huge Southern California racing history will be on-track during this weekend. Spectators are invited to enjoy the entire weekend.

For HCICA info call Pam Shatraw 650-321-1411 (CA) and SVRA-West 310-750-6933 (CA).

2013 Monday February 11: Historic Indy Cars Will Have Multiple On-Track Sessions During the May 22-26 Indy 500 Week At The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Entry Application Due by March 7, 2013

Eligible cars must have Indy 500 history between 1911 and 1987.

The on-track sessions include Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the 500. There is a display day on Wednesday.

Info Ellen Bireley, Director; Hall of Fame Museum phone 317-492-6747 or Fax 317-492-6449 (IN).

2013 Tuesday February 5: Urgent Notice To Racers And Motorsport Sanctioning Bodies From SFI: Non Flame Resistant Racing Suits Being Sold

Mike Hurst, Technical Manager SFI Foundation, Inc., has issued an important safety notice. It has been brought to the attention of the SFI Foundation that certain driver protective suits being manufactured and distributed into the marketplace present a unique and serious threat to the safety of the drivers.

These suits incorporate an outer layer of material that is neither flame nor heat resistant, and will melt at relatively low temperatures. These suits are commonly identified by the nature of their graphics, which are achieved by a process called dye sublimation. Rather than using more traditional graphic methods such as patches attached to, or embroidery sewn into the suit, this process provides for complex and vivid graphics, which are actually imbedded directly into the outer material layer.

Dye sublimation is currently being used on synthetic materials (e.g. Nylon, Cordura, and Polyester) that have little or no fire or heat resistant properties. Dye sublimated synthetic driver suits have been distributed for use in motorsport disciplines in which the sanctioning bodies have no minimum standards for driver protective clothing.

Currently there are no participants in the SFI Specification 3.2A programs using approved materials incorporating the dye sublimation process. Nylon Cordura, or Polyester driver suit layers or panels, with or without dye sublimation, are not certified or identified by the manufacturer as meeting SFI Spec 3.2A, or any other accepted industry wide standard.

Should technical inspectors or scrutineers observe a driver suit which incorporates the dye sublimation graphic process and / or Nylon, Cordura or Polyester panels or layers, the driver should be made aware of the potential danger of wearing such a suit in competition, and should be directed to contact the manufacturer immediately.

Please note that Racewear Manufacturing/Awesome Racewear has previously manufactured and sold dye-sublimated race suits that fully met SFI Spec 3.2A, and the certification of those suits remain valid. Info: SFI, 15708 Pomerado Road, Suit N208, Poway, CA 92064. Call 858-451-8868 or fax 858-451-9268 or visit

2012 Monday July 30: The Possible Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase at Auto Club Speedway September 15, 2012 During IZOD IndyCAR Series Race Weekend Will Not Be Held.

It looked like there was to be a HCICA Showcase event at this 2012 IndyCAR Series race at Auto Club Speedway this September. The track has decided that it would be mutually beneficial to have more time for a major effort and to consider the show for the 2013 season. “We of course are disappointed that we will not have a chance to run during the 2012 IZOD IndyCAR Series Championship weekend. The HCICA Showcase was a great opportunity for HCICA, the car owners, the spectators, as well as IndyCAR” said Pam Shatraw, HCICA Events Manager. “We hope that the success of the 2012 program leads to a regular IndyCAR Series race at AutoClub Speedway. We are looking forward to getting our 2013 opportunities launched early,” said Dan Davis Chairman, Historic Champ Indy/Car Association. For more info call Pam Shatraw, Events Manager 650-321-1114 (CA).

2012 Thursday June 28: The First Full Weekend In July Just A Few Days After Independence Day On Wednesday Has Both Vintage Oval Cars On-Track In A Midwest Vintage Event And Two Vintage Road Racing Clubs On-Track At Opposite Ends Of The US. July 6-7 on the Milwaukee Mile it is the annual Millers at Milwaukee gathering of front engined Indy Cars in two days of on-track lapping. Spectators invited.
July 6-8, HMSA organizes the annual Portland Historic Races at the road circuit through Portland’s Delta Park. This great circuit has hosted all the great North American racing series since the 1960s. The vintage and historic race car entries will represent over eight decades of North American road racing history, the event welcomes spectators.
July 7-8 VSCCA, the oldest vintage racing club in North America, has vintage races on Pocono’s North Road Racing Circuit. VSCCA emphasizes pre-1960 vintage and historic racing cars and usually attracts a great entry of both pre and post World War II unique and race cars such as Bugattis, Alfas, and even some rare early Indy Cars.

2012 Wednesday June 27: Bobby Unser Re-acquainted with 1973 Eagle Indy Car As Part of the Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase During HSR-W 11th S. California Sports Car Festival Auto Club Speedway, June 22–24, 2012
Fans enjoyed eight decades of Historic Champ/Indy Cars as they roared toward the green flag as part of the Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase. The sound of thundering Offys, Millers, Chevys resonated throughout the stands. Bobby Unser spent two days at the track meeting all of the fans and driving a few laps. “I am going to go out and have some fun” said Unser, “ I have already gone as fast as I want in that car.”
Other historic race cars once driven by Gordon Johncock, Rodger Ward, Parnelli Jones, Dan Gurney, Mario Andretti and other racing legends ran on-track, at-speed in a practice sessions Friday, Saturday morning and Sunday in the Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase. From cars designed in the twenties to accommodate a riding mechanic, to the turbo charged rear engine missiles of the eighties, the Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase provided a salute to “America’s Racing Heritage”™. Some of the owners and cars that were on-track were: Owner/Driver Car Ray Alcaraz 1959 Epperly Indy Car
Bill Barringer 1938 Ford Flathead Indy Car
Diane Cerveny 1955 Indy Roadster
Gary Cerveny 1963 Watson Indy Car
George Chilberg 1950 Champ Car
John Darlington 1966 Lola T90 Indy Car
Philipe Delespiney 1972 Eagle Indy Car
Dave Duncan 1989 USAC Silver CrownCar
Dennis Howland 1958 C.A.E. Sprint Car
John Kerr 1932 Miller Scofield Ford Champ Car
Steve Logan 1968 C.A.E. Sprint Car
Doug Magnon 1969 Eagle Indy Car
Rich Mastroleo 1970 Barnet Sprint Car
Tom Malloy 1973 Viceroy Vels Parnelli Indy Car
David Morrison 1977 Lighting Indy Car
Delmar McClure 1958 Collins Champ Car
Stephen J. Morici 1968 Cheetah
Gilbert Glenn Necessary 60s Watson Indy Roadster
Carl Schulz 1927 Miller Boyles Special
Chuck Spielman 1963 Watson Roadster
Bud Taylor 1960s Watson Roadster
William Watkins 1968 Gerhardt Indy Car
Between track sessions the historic Cars were on display in Garage One. This event was organized for the Historic Champ/Indy Car Association by Victory Lane Motorsports Marketing and was presented by Vintage Oval Racing Magazine and Victory Lane Magazine. For more information contact Pam Shatraw, Events Manager, 650-321-1411.

2012 Wednesday June 13: The Count Is Over 25 And Growing! HCICA Historic Champ/Indy Cars Twice Each Day, June 22-24, On The 2-Mile Auto Club Speedway In Fontana, CA.
They accompany a full HSR-West Vintage and Historic Road Racing weekend on the Auto Club Grand-Am Circuit.
The Historic Champ/Indy Association first presented over 25 cars on the California Speedway (as it was known at the time) in 1997 during CART’s opening of the speedway for open wheel oval cars. HCICA cars have continued to accompany other contemporary and vintage racing weekends ever since.
HCICA has celebrated the history of the National Championship and Indy Cars since its founding in 1996. The cars have appeared on big ovals for twice-daily, three-day programs at the Milwaukee Mile, Michigan Speedway, California/Auto Club Speedway and at venues such as the opening of England’s Rockingham Oval and the Amelia Island Concours. Those appearances are organized for HCICA by Victory Lane Motorsports Marketing. For info on HCICA or the June 22-24 event, call Pam Shatraw VLMM Events manager 650-321-1411 (CA).

2012 Tuesday May 8: The 22nd New Hampshire Vintage Racing Celebration For Oval Race Cars, Road Racing Cars and Motorcycles May 10-13, Spectators Invited.
Vintage Oval Days are May 10 and 11 with Midget Cars, Indy Cars, Roadsters, Modifieds and Stock Cars on-track and in the spectator accessible paddock. The Vintage and Historic Road Circuit days, May 12, 13 feature Sports Cars, Sport Racing Cars, Formula Cars, Sport Sedans and Motorcycles.
Adult tickets are only $10 per-day or $25 for the weekend. Children ages 12-16 tickets are $5, 11 and under are free. The track is at 1122 Route 106 north, near Loudon, NH. Ticket hotline 603-783-4931

2012 Thursday March 22: HCICA Historic Champ/Indy Cars Featured On Auto Club Speedway Two-Mile Oval June 24, Fontana, California During HSR-West Historic Southern California Sports Car Festival, June 22-24.
The Historic Champ/Indy Cars will be on the oval track twice each day on Friday and Saturday. The big Sunday Feature will start around noon. The HCICA Historic Champ/Indy Cars have raced on this big two-mile oval track, located some 50 miles east of Los Angeles, at spectator events almost every year since 1997: first with CART, then IRL, next with VARA and now with HSR-West. The track is spectacular; the cars are even more spectacular and legendary.
To enter call Pam Shatraw 650-321-1411 (CA).

2012 Wednesday February 29: The Big June 22-24 Victory Lane Magazine HCICA Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase The Auto Club With HSR-West, Southern California Speedway Marks The 16th Year Of This HCICA Champ/Indy Car Showcase At This Super Speedway. Requests for entry are open for pre-1972 Indy, Big Car and Non-Caged Sprint Cars that ran for the National Championship. This championship began in 1903, organized by AAA and from 1956-1972 and later was organized by USAC. Entry info call HCICA, Pam Shatraw 650-321-1411 (CA).

2012 Tuesday January 17: The Historic Champ/Indy Car Association (HCICA) Is Finalizing The 2012 Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase Features With Possibilities At Several Vintage And Contemporary Race Weekends For registered Cars And Owners. If You Are A New Historic Champ/Indy Car Owner Or Have Not Entered Or Participated In An HCICA Event And Wish To Receive The Newsletter And Entry Invitations, Please Register With HCICA. The HCICA has held on-track, at reasonable speed, showcases first with CART then IRL and at vintage road racing weekends since 1997. Tracks and circuits have included, Auto Club (California) Speedway, Michigan Speedway, Texas World Speedway, Milwaukee Mile, Phoenix International Speedway, Darlington Raceway South Carolina, Darlington Speedway UK and others.
The cars are on-track twice each day over a two or three day event. They are displayed in a paddock marquee between sessions where entrants enjoy weekend hospitality. All features are organized, promoted and produced for the HCICA by Victory Lane Motorsports Marketing. Info call VLMM, Pam Shatraw 650-321-1411 (CA).

2011 Tuesday May 3: The Big Vintage Racing Weekend Just Completed At Auto Club Speedway Was A Great Gathering Of 34 Vintage And Historic Champ/Indy Cars Running On The Two Mile Oval And 130 VARA Vintage Road Racers On The Three Mile Road Course. “A Celebration of Southern California’s Contribution To The Indy 500” by the Historic Champ/Indy Car Association presented by Victory Lane Magazine and Vintage Oval Magazine was organized by Victory Lane Motorsport Marketing. Legendary oval racing cars from nearly 100 years were on the oval at reasonable speed twice each day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a great curtain raiser to all the 100th Anniversary Indy 500 celebrations in May at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The VARA vintage and historic sports, formula and sports racing cars in the VARA Route 66 Classic were also on the road circuit in groups with each group enjoying on-track twice each day.

The 2011 vintage racing season is off to a great start. More than 16 vintage road racing weekends are scheduled in May across North America. More than 24 vintage oval racing one or two day events also fill the month of May.

2011 Thursday April 28: Southern California’s Contribution To The Indy 500 Saluted By Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase Presented by Vintage Oval Racing Magazine During VARA, Route 66 Classic Auto Club Speedway, April 29-May 1, 2011 Racing cars of America’s National Championship Trail were quick, awesome, unique, innovative, and exciting and were raced by larger than life characters who had the talent, bravery and luck to take the cars to the edge and back! Since 1903 they raced on dirt horse racing tracks, on the board tracks on short paved ovals. By 1911 they raced each year to get to the 500. Many of the Indy 500 cars, drivers and teams came from Southern California. Fans of “America’s Racing Heritage”™ enjoyed eight decades of Historic Championship Cars as they roared toward the green flag on Sunday for the Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase. The sound of thundering Offys, Millers, Turbines and Ford Cosworths resonated throughout the stands. Historic race cars once driven by the likes of Jack McGrath, Gordon Johncock, Rodger Ward, Troy Ruttman, Parnelli Jones, Dan Gurney, Mario Andretti and many other motor racing legends ran on-track, at-speed in practice sessions on Friday, Saturday morning and then Sunday mornings in the Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase. From cars designed in the twenties to accommodate a riding mechanic, to the turbo charged rear engine missiles of the eighties, the Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase provided a salute to “America’s Racing Heritage”™.

Year, Car, Owner/Driver Year, Car, Owner/Driver
1911 National, Brian Blain 1966 Lola T90, John Darlington III
1927 Boyle Indy Car, Carl Schultz 1968 Gilbert Cheetah, Stephen Morici
1928 Studebaker, Don Robertson 1968 Collins Champ Car, Del Diener
1928 Bugatti, Mike Gertner 1969 AAR Eagle Turbo, Tony Adamowitz
1932 Miller Schofield/Ford, John Kerr 1970s Sprint Car, Rich Mastroleo
1935 Riley-Ford, Karen and Dale Barry 1970 Lola T153, John Darlington III
1938 Ford, Bill Barringer 1970 Edmunds Sprint, Steve Waugh
1941 Dryer, George Chilberg 1970 Gurney Eagle, David Morrison
1956 Kurtis Kraft 500F, Tom Malloy 1970s Ward Watson Indy Roadster, Glen Necessary
1959 Watson Indy Roadster Larry Pfitzenmaier 1972 Sprinter, Kay Young
1959 CAE Frame Sprint, Dennis Howland 1973 Vels Parnelli Indy Car, Tom Malloy
1961 Watson Indy Car, Dick Young 1974 AAR Eagle, Jerry Vieira
1964 Watson Indy Roadster Bud Taylor 1974 Fiore Spyder, David Morrison
1963 Watson Leader Card, Chuck Spielman 1982 Penske PC10 Richard Young Rick Mears
1963 Watson Indy Roadster, Gary Cerveny 1987 March, Ron Blondel
1966 AAR USAC Eagle, Doug Magnon 1989 Lightning, EJ Dolner

Between track sessions the historic Championship Cars were on display in Garage Three. Owners and drivers will be pleased to discuss the race car histories and answered questions from the fans.
Thanks to VARA and California Speedway for the track time allowed to showcase “America’s Racing Heritage”™ on the busy weekend schedule. This event is organized for the Historic Champ/Indy Car Association by Victory Lane Motorsports Marketing and is presented by Vintage Oval Racing Magazine and Victory Lane Magazine. For more information contact Pam Shatraw, Events Manager, 650-321-1411.

2011 Monday April 25: The Second Annual U.S.A. Heartland Vintage Classic Presented By Malden Speedway And Hosted By Gateway Vintage Racing Association April 29, 30 And May 1, Near Malden, Missouri Welcomes All Types Of Vintage Oval Racing Cars. It is on a 3/8 mile wide dirt oval. Groups by driver ability will be six-ten cars rotated with eight lap heat races through each day for liberal track time. Spectators are invited for the vintage races plus a swap meet and a car show. Contact Steve Santie 573-281-0031 or 573-276-2355 or Brian Wolfmeier 314-277-3176 (MO).

2011 Monday April 11: There Are Currently 30 Historic Champ/Indy Cars Entered, And More Expected For The April 29-May 1 HCICA Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase On The Two Mile Oval Of AutoClub Speedway In Fontana, California During The VARA Route 66 Classic Vintage Racing Weekend. This could be the largest entry since the HCICA event was on CART weekends. The cars are on-track, with no pace car, at reasonable speeds twice each day to salute Southern California’s contribution to 100 years of the Indy 500. In many years of the Indy 500 the majority of the teams, crews, cars and drivers were from Southern California. The HCICA has been holding such events since 1997 at oval speedways across North America including The Milwaukee Mile, Michigan International Speedway, California (now AutoClub) Speedway. VARA is a leading North American vintage auto road racing club which holds up to a dozen vintage road racing weekends each year in California, Nevada and Arizona. For HCICA entrant, membership or car registration call Pam Shatraw, Events Manager 650-321-1411 (CA). For VARA road racing event or entry info call 800-280-8272 (CA).

2011 Tuesday February 15: The Darlington Historic Festival Expects To Be Back In 2011 On The Weekend Of September 24, 25. This will be the third annual event saluting the history of oval racing. The event has attracted almost every type of vintage and historic oval racing cars including: Stock Cars, Modifieds, Sprints, Midgets, Super Modifieds, Dirt Champ and Indy Cars. The track is expecting to announce several sponsors soon which will make this event possible.

2011 Friday January 14: It Is A Big April 31-May 1 Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase. HCICA On The Auto Club Speedway Two Mile Oval, Will Salute A Hundred Years Of The Indy 500. The Southern California Oval Racing Scene Has Always Been A Significant Factor And Source For Cars, Drivers And Teams Competing In The National Championship And The Indy 500. The big annual HCICA Victory Lane Champ/Indy Car Showcase will have Historic Champ/Indy Cars from all eras and all parts of North America on the two mile Auto Club Speedway oval twice each day during the companion VARA Route 66 Classic Road Races on The Grand Am Road Circuit.

The HCICA plans include special salutes to the many Southern California individuals, teams and companies who for nearly 200 years have made the trek from Southern California to the Midwest to compete and often win the fabled Indy 500 and The Championship Trail.

All types of vintage and historic open wheel oval cars will be invited for a big Historic Show and Fan Festival. In addition VARA invites all VMC licensed road racers to participate in the Route 66 Classic vintage Road Races.

Full details are being sent to all owners/drivers registered with the Historic Champ/Indy Car Association. Info is also available in Victory Lane Magazine and Vintage Oval Racing Magazine. Victory Lane Motorsports Marketing Inc organizes the oval event for the HCICA. For information call Pam Shataw 650-321-1411.

2011 Monday January 10: The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance March 11-13 Selects Bobby Rahal, Indy 500 Winner And Road Racing Champion As Honorary Chairman. Plus Kurtis Is One Of The Feature Marques Which Also Include Dusenberg And Allard. This is one of, if not the, best concours for featuring racing cars and racing personalities. Their unique Saturday racing themed bench racing seminar always draws a capacity sold out crowd of over 600 enthusiasts. There are usually over 150 racing and performance cars accepted for the Sunday judging. There are also two very special Best of Show Awards: The usual Best of Show, Concours d’Elegance plus the unique Best of Show, Concours d’Sport for racing cars. Rahal’s former racing cars will be displayed in a special area.

Rahal will be the guest speaker at the Saturday evening Mercedes-Benz Gala Banquet. He will also be part of many other special functions, poster autograph sessions and such.

Other long weekend activities include the Thursday Rolls Royce Wine Makers Dinner, on Friday is: Porsche Driving Experience, Heacock Classic Car Insurance Silent Auction, Huckins Yacht Excursion, The Women in Racing Seminar, Hot Rod Lifestyle Seminar, RM Auction Preview Party. Saturday is the Cannonball Run Revisited Seminar, RM Auction, Breitling Cocktail Reception and the Mercedes-Benz Gala. Sunday is the concours. Info

2010 Thursday October 28: The Preliminary HCICA 2011 Schedule Has The Historic Champ/Indy Cars On The Big Auto Club Speedway Two Mile Oval During The VARA Route 66 Vintage Road Racing Weekend April 29-May 1. HCICA has been holding Historic Champ/Indy Car On-Track Exhibitions since 1997 at the then named California Speedway during the first CART race there. The format remains the same with two on-track sessions approximately 30 minutes each day Friday and Saturday. The Sunday big Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase presented by Vintage Oval Racing Magazine starts with two photo op laps of the cars aligned 2x2 then continues with laps at reasonable speed with no pace car. These Showcase events are very popular with fans. For info call HCICA Dan Davis, Chairman or Pam Shatraw, Events Manager 650-321-1411 (CA).

2010 Thursday September 30: Flash Update! Arie Luyendyk, Two Time Indy 500 Winner- Daytona 24 Hour Winner- Sebring 12 Hour Winner, Will Be Saluted On Sunday During The October 23,24 HSR-West Vintage Racing Weekend Which Includes The Sunday Victory Lane HCICA Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase. The HCICA Historic Champ/Indy Cars are on the one-mile oval twice each day Saturday and Sunday. The vintage and historic road racing cars will be on the 1.8-mile road racing circuit in multiple sessions, Saturday and Sunday. The vintage and Historic Feature vintage races Sunday include those for Production Sports Cars, Sports Racing Cars and Formula Cars in several classes. This is a weekend saluting many types of Formula Cars. HSR-West organizes vintage and historic car races on great road racing circuits in the western U.S. Contact HSR-West Ed Swart president phone 310-750-6933 (CA) or visit HCICA Historic Champ/Indy Car Features are organized annually since 1997 by Victory Lane Motorsports Marketing at legendary oval tracks across North America. Contact HCICA Pam Shatraw VLMM Events Manager 650-321-1411 (CA) or visit

2010 Wednesday September 29: HCICA, Victory Lane Historic Champ/Indy Car Showcase On Phoenix Int’l Raceway, One Mile Oval During the HSR-West Road Racing Weekend October 23-24, 2010. This event has scheduled two oval on-track at reasonable speed 25 minute sessions each day Saturday and Sunday. Saturday on-track in noon and afternoon. Sunday on-track is morning and early afternoon. Friday arrival is after 2:00pm. The traditional Historic Champ/Indy Car Association ( HCICA) all day “beverages and snacks” hospitality for drivers and crew is offered both days. There will be a Saturday night party that is always full of surprises. This event is with the cooperation and support of HSR-West, who is holding a vintage road racing event on the same weekend for about 150 interesting, legendary cars. HCICA held its first Historic Champ/Indy Car Feature at the CART inaugural race of California Speedway in 1997. It has held annual historic Cham/Indy Car on-track showcase events each year since at great ovals. These have included California (Auto Club) Speedway, Milwaukee Mile, Michigan International Speedway and others. The HCICA contains hundreds of Historic Champ/Indy Cars and owners, their past drivers, past crews and past officials. The 2011 event schedule will be announced in November. Victory Lane Motorsports Marketing organizes all HCICA on-track events. For information call Pam Shatraw or Dan Davis, 650-321-1411.

2010 Wednesday September 8: Fall 2010 Victory Lane HCICA Historic Champ/Indy On-Track Showcase Presented By Vintage Oval Racing Magazine Is October 23-24 On The 1.5 Mile Paved Phoenix International Speedway October 23-24, 2010. There are two on-track sessions each day at reasonable speed with no pace car. All eras of National Championship and Indy Cars are eligible to apply. This event is organized by Victory Lane Motorsports Marketing for the Historic Champ/Indy Car Association. It is held on the same weekend as HSR-West vintage and historic road races on the PIR road circuit. This is the 14th season of HCICA events. Call Pam now to apply at 650-321-1411 (CA).

2010 Tuesday September 7: The Indy 500 Winning Chaparral From The Chaparral Gallery Of The Petroleum Museum In Midland, Texas Will Appear At Two Big Events In September And October. In September the legendary oval racing car will appear at the “Manifolds On Main Street Car Show” in Irving Texas, there will be several oval road racing cars in the Pavilion of Speed Marquee. A Friday September 24th banquet will feature Johnny Rutherford driver of the 2K in 1980. The Chaparral 2K Indy 500 winner will also appear at the October 9-10 Midland “Airsho” organized by the Commemorative Air Force group. For info on the Chaparral Gallery or call Luanne Thornton, Development Director 432-683-4403

2010 Thursday July 8: The Darlington Historic Racing Festival September 24-26 Will Again Present All Types Of Historic Oval Racing Festival Oval Racing Cars In Two Days Of On-Track Exhibition Sessions. Stock Cars, Indy Cars, Champ Cars, Big Cars, Sprints, Midgets, Modifieds, Super Mods are also invited to one of the oldest and most challenging paved ovals in North America. This is the third year that the festival has been held. Entrants call 843-395-8900.
            This is a spectator event both Saturday and Sunday. There are many on-track sessions each day for all types of cars to enjoy. There are autograph sessions by past oval racers, a vender area for food and souvenirs, a Car Corral for enthusiasts, a swap meet for parts. Adults tickets are $15 per day, $25 for the weekend, children 12 and under are free. Spectators call 843-395-8802 (SC) or visit

2010 Tuesday June 1: Fan Laps, Glen Club Parties For July 2-4 IZOD IRL At The Glen To Support The International Motor Racing Research Center. From Mark Steigerwald to IRL and Glen Fans  
   Dear Friends & Supporters of the International Motor Racing Research Center,
   The International Motor Racing Research Center is pleased to announce an exciting, once- in-a-lifetime fund raising event called The Hot Lapz Experience as part of the Camping World Grand Prix at the Glen, IZOD IndyCar Series race, July 2-4, 2010. Three separate Hot Lapz Experience packages will be offered on Ebay, starting on Sunday May 16th, over a period of three weeks. The three auction format will allow bidders multiple chances to win one of these exciting packages. Race fans interested in bidding should go to the Ebay website and enter the keyword Hot Lapz for a direct link to each auction as well as additional details.
   Each winner will get three, at-speed, laps around the challenging 3.4 mile Watkins Glen International circuit in race prepared Porsche Cayman, driven by IZOD Indycar Series star  Ryan Hunter-Reay, winner of the 2008 Indycar race at the Glen, and driver of the #37 Team IZOD, Andretti Autosport Dallara

  1. Exclusive Crown Royal Club at the Glen VIP event admission tickets with infield parking, access to the pit and garage areas, buffet luncheon and complimentary cocktails  for each winner and  guest. 
  2. Three nights of accommodations for each winner and guest at the Glen Motor Inn overlooking beautiful Seneca Lake.
  3. A set of four Firestone passenger car or light truck tires for each winner.
  4. A evening cocktail cruise on Seneca Lake aboard a private yacht. Participants will be able to view the fireworks display over the scenic Watkins Glen harbor
  5. Selected # 37 IZOD racing attire for each of the winners and their guests.
  6. In addition, the highest overall bidder in the three auctions will receive two admission tickets to Andretti Autosport Hospitality area for the weekend as a special prize.
  7. Invitation to the opening reception for artist Douglas Wilkens' art exhibit, featuring works honoring racing legend AJ Foyt

Please note that transportation to and from Watkins Glen is not included. While many of you are, or were, involved in racing and possibly not interested in bidding on this great package, I am sure that each of you have countless friends, family members and acquaintances who might be. I ask that each of you forward the attached Hot Lapz Experience flier, with a brief note, to those who you think might enjoy this program and encourage them participate in these upcoming auctions on Ebay.

2010 Tuesday May 25: The Southern California Indy/ Hot Rod/ Lakester/ Bonneville Scene Before And After World War Two Is Being Saluted At Indy This Week With The Indy Roadsters Of The 50s On-Track And On Display. Later This Year It Will Be Saluted In July At The Millers At Milwaukee Event And At Pebble Beach Concours With Indy, Hot Rod And Land Speed Car Entrants And At Phoenix International Raceway In October With Historic Champ/ Indy Cars On-Track. Who knows how Southern California became the center of auto racing construction and design at that time. Perhaps it was Harry Miller’s early carburator company and later his famous Miller Indy and Championship Trail Cars all made in Southern California in the early 20th century that started it.     

2010 Tuesday May 18: Mario Andretti, Vintage And Historic Racers Converge On Barber Motorsports Park May 21-23 For The Big Inaugural HMP Bobby Rahal’s Legends Of Motorsports Vintage Racing And Lifestyle Weekend Saluting Lotus. Mario Andretti, FIA Formula One World Driving Champion driving a Lotus, will be at the Saturday evening gala. Bob Varsha of Speed TV will be the evening emcee. All this will take place in the on-site Barber Motorsports Museum
            The on-track activity will feature invited great vintage and historic racing cars of all types in numerous practice and racing sessions. There will be Sunday Features on this challenging track. Info on HMP and Racers visit for event and gala tickets go to    

2010 Friday May 14: Gill Campbell CEO and general manager Of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Will Be The Featured Speaker For The June 16th Racers Lunch At AutoVino In Menlo Park, California
            Gill Campbell and her staff are adding new racing events and expanding traditional racing events at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.  Gill’s vision for the track and Motorsports events at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca grows from a real passion and excitement for auto racing.  This program will be an exciting glimpse into the future.  The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion in August will be one of the topics.
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is host each year to great racing events and has been since 1957. The road circuit was first built in 1957 by military personnel on Fort Ord in cooperation with SCRAMP, Sports Car Racing Association of Monterey Peninsula, as a replacement site for the road races held at Pebble Beach, which began in 1950. The circuit has been the site of great professional and amateur road races since 1957. Over succeeding decades it has been the site of races from many great series: United States Road Racing, Can-Am, Trans-Am, IMSA GTP and GT, Federation International Motorcycle, American LeMans, Grand-Am and CART. The San Francisco Sports Car Club of America has held regional and national races there since it’s opening. Vintage racing arrived in the late 1960s, first with CSRG then with General Racing and HMSA. An international level of vintage racing was achieved by the 1980s as the Monterey Historics grew to attract worldwide recognition and participation. It has grown into a week long Monterey Auto Festival with five auctions, four concours, numerous marque gatherings and over 150,000 visiting over two weekends and a week every August. Today the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion and Pre-Reunion will continue and build on that tradition next August from the 7th through the 15th.
            For information on the Racers Lunch or RSVP a reservation contact Tim at 650-722-2171.          

2010 Monday April 26: The Daytona International Speedway Oval Will Be Completely Repaved After The Coke Zero NASCAR Race July 3rd. This will possibly affect many oval and road racing events during the repaving period expected to last many months. It is not clear if an operable road circuit is available that does not use the oval. More soon.

2010 Friday, April 9: The Millers at Milwaukee event is an impressive U.S. gathering of Pre-W.W. II and Post W.W. II Indy/Champ Cars, Indy Roadsters and Laydowns. Vintage racecars designed by Miller, Dusenberg, Mercer, Alfa Romeo, Kurtis, Bugatti and Studebaker participate in this exhibition. All front engine pre and post W.W. II Indy Cars and Champ Cars are invited to attend, along with the Indy Roadster and Laydown Cars. No rear engines.
            The 2010 Miller event will again offer a Friday afternoon and Saturday venue. The gates at the Milwaukee Mile will open at 11:00 A.M. on Friday July 9, 2010, with cars running the oval track from 12:00 p.m. to 4 p. m. On Saturday gates open at 8 a.m., with the cars running the oval track from 12:00 p.m. to 4 p.m.
            The Harry Miller Club was founded by the late David Uihlein, Sr., with the help of Buck Bouderman, Mitch Rasansky and the late Charles Davis and Bob Sutherland. Dana Mecum, of Mecum Auctions in Masrengo, IL is the club president. The club’s goal is to honor Harry A. Miller (1875-1943), considered to be the greatest and most influential of American racing car designers. Miller based cars and or engines dominated championship competition in this country during the 1920’s, winning 39 Indianapolis 500 races!
            Entry fees for this historic event are $300 per entrant (not per car) and may be obtained by writing the Harry A. Miller club at P.O. Box 1008, Germantown, WI 53022 or call Lenore Heinzelmann at 262-253-2661.

2010 Friday April 9: The Chaparral Gallery Of The Petroleum Museum In Midland Texas Will Host A Big “Racing In The Roaring Sixties” Festival Friday, April 30 and Saturday, May 1, 2010. Highlights include Friday, the grand opening of a Ford GT40 Mark IV exhibit; celebrating Ford’s 3rd LeMans win. Also celebrated will be Chaparrals FIA campaign in Europe in the 1960s. Chaparral live drives, Autograph sessions with Chaparral creator and racer Jim Hall and an evening cocktail reception and gala dinner including a dinner program of “A conversation with Jim Hall, road and oval racing legend and Dan Davis, publisher of Victory Lane and Vintage Oval Racing Magazines” On Saturday there will be Super Car drives, live drives with Jim Hall, Autograph sessions with Jim Hall, a West Texas Cruisers show and shine session. Net proceeds of the big fund racing weekend will benefit the Chaparral Gallery, a 501(c) 3 non profit educational institution which seeks to motivate youth into engineering. All the Chaparral types are housed in the Chaparral Gallery including winners from the Can-Am USRRC, FIA World Manufactures Championship Race, The Indy 500 and the US Championship Trail. The Chaparral Gallery is located just outside Midland, Texas next to Interstate 20 west near where all the Chaparrals were designed, tested and built.
            For tickets, donation sponsor and general information call 432-683-4403 and also visit

2010 Tuesday March 8: The HCICA Historic Champ/Indy Cars Were On The Big Two-Mile Oval Each Day Friday, Saturday, Sunday March 5,6,7. Two thirty-minute on-track sessions, at reasonable speed, no pace cars were scheduled each day. They all took place except for a rained out Saturday afternoon session. The Open Wheel Cars included Indy Roadsters of the 1950s and early 1960s, mid-engined Indy Cars of the 1970s and 1980s, and some Pre-World War Two Indy Cars. By invitation there were Sprint Cars requiring push starts in a trial for consideration in two separate grids for future HCICA features. The event was organized by Victory Lane Motorsports Marketing for the Historic Champ/Indy Car Association, Dan Davis Chairman, Pam Shatraw Events Manager, phone 650-321-1411 (CA).     

  Historic Champ/Indy Car Association
Pam Shatraw Events Manager
2460 Park Blvd. #4
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 321-1411
(650) 321-4426 FAX

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